We are developing several experimental strategies and resources in different areas of life sciences. The resources are utilized to provide technical and research services. 

Research Skills for Biochemistry and Biotechnology

1-Basic Techniques of Molecular Biology (practical and theoretical training)

  • DNA, RNA, and protein extraction
  • cDNA synthesis
  • PCR
  • Gel electrophoresis
  • Gel elution
  • Molecular cloning
  • ELISA reader

2-Basic Tools of Bioinformatics (practical and theoretical training)

  • Data basis to retrieve sequence of gene/mRNA and protein
  • Primer designing (Manual, SnapGene)
  • CRISPR design
  • Primer testing (OligoAnalyzer)
  • Phylogenetic tree (Mega 6)

3-Basic Techniques of Cell Biology (only demonstration and theoretical training)

  • Cell culture
  • Cell thawing
  • Cell freezing
  • MTT assay
  • Colony formation assay
  • Transfection and electroporation

4-Biochemical Assays, Invitro Assays (practical and theoretical training)

  • Making plant extract
  • Total phenolic contents
  • Total flavonoid contents
  • DPPH radical scavenging assay
  • Antimicrobial assay
  • Chromatography

5-Basic Techniques of Mouse Handling (practical and theoretical training)

  • Mouse breeding
  • IP dose
  • IG dose
  • Mouse necropsy
  • Brief practice on mouse models of liver injury and diabetes

Hands-on Training Workshops

  • Designing and experimentation of CRISPR/Cas9 system                           1000/day

  • Basic Tools of Bioinformatics in Life Sciences                                              1000/day

  • Laboratory Animal Handing and their Applications in Biomedical Research    1500/ 2 day

  • Hands-on Training Workshop on the Basic Tools of Molecular Biology    2000/ 2 day

  • Hands-on Training Workshop on the Basic Tools of Cell Biology               2500/ 2 day

  • Invitro antioxidant assays                                                                                  PKR 1000 / 2 days

Offered after approval from head office.

Scientific Material/ Services

  • Albino mice                                                      Free (depends upon feasibility)
  • Primer design and validation (Insilico)        PKR 300/primer pair
  • Reaction for PCR                                             PKR 100/reaction
  • Primer design for qPCR                                  PKR 300/primer pair
  • MTT assay PKR                                                500/sample
  • Invivo trial for diabetes                                    PKR 1,000/cage (5-6 mice)/24 days
  • Invivo trial for liver injury                                 PKR 1,000/cage (5-6 mice)/24 days

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