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E-Seminar on Designing, Troubleshooting, and Applications of PCR Primers

Assalam-o-Alaikum and hello, I am Dr. Muhammad Ali with a seminar series on different areas of life sciences.

This is my video lecture on ‘Designing, Troubleshooting, and Applications of PCR Primers’. Dr. Muhammad Ali delivered a live seminar (18-05-2020) and addressed the question-answer session above-mentioned topic. The seminar was conducted by the cooperation of the Pakistan Association of Biotechnologists. All the 282 participants took an online quiz and also received certificates.

The contents of the seminar are given below:
1) Important databases
2) Selective tools of bioinformatics
3) Introduction and requirement for a good PCR
4) Applications of PCR technology
a. Multiplex PCR (example of COVI-19)
b. Nested PCR c. RT-PCR d. Detection of a single base pair mutation (end-point PCR)
e. Deletion of a protein domain (plasmid)
f. PCR-facilitated fragment joining g. Insertion of HA-tag (plasmid)
h. Codon optimization / site-directed mutagenesis (plasmid)
i. Primers for sub-cloning
5) PCR Troubleshooting
6) Question and answer session

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