Mid-term syllabus of Biochem-300: Ch-2, 3, 7 of Lehninger

…. PLUS…. 150 MCQs from each of chapters 2 (150/302) and chapter -3 (150/729) of the book ” MCQs in Biochemistry”. MCQs from the taught concepts and book chapters will also appear in the exam.


Final exam syllabus Biochem-300: Ch-6, 8, 10 of Lehninger

…. PLUS…. 150 MCQs from each of chapters 2 (150/302) and chapter -3 (150/729), 4 (150), 6 (150), 9 (150) of the book ” MCQs in Biochemistry”. MCQs from the taught concepts and book chapters will also appear in the exam.


Start preparing your presentations and assignments….. Assignment submission is the first class of next month, October 2023. The presentations will also be startedright after mid-term exam.



Presentations of Biochem-300: 

  1. The weightage of the assignment and presentation will be decided later. 
  2. Start preparing your presentations……
  3. The presentations will also be started right after the mid-term exam.
  4. PPT file should not contain any designing/colours other than figures and diagrams.
  5. Slides should be in 16X9 ratio.
  6. Fonts of all header should be same and of all other text should be same. 
  7. For detailed guidelines about the presentation of research article, visit: https://www.lifesciencesorg.combiochem-720/
  8. Download the template ppt file to make your presentation. The link is here (copy this link and paste in a new tab).

Some important questions to be asked from students during presentation

  1. 1)       Pathway or importance of gene/technology/drug
  2. 2)       Rationale (justification of the project in this paper)
  3. 3)       Conclusion of every figure
  4. 4)       Conclusion of full article
  5. 5)       New findings present in the article
  6. 6)       Applications of the finding/s.
  7. 7)       Future prospective
  8. 8)       Principle of every technique used in the research article



Link to download the book ( MCQs in Biochemistry) is here.

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2017-ag-9382 Haidar Iftikhar

2017-ag-10077 Ahmad Faraz

BIOCHEM-300                ESSENTIALS OF BIOCHEMISTRY                3(3-0)


Course Contents


Introduction to Biochemistry, pH & its importance, Buffer, Henderson-Hasselbalch equation, Carbohydrates: Introduction to carbohydrates, Classification of carbohydrates, Glycosidic linkages & Glycosides, Isomers, Optical activity & rotations, Chemical properties of monosaccharides, structure and functions of important monosaccharide, Homopolysaccharide, Heteropolysaccharides.

Proteins: Introduction to Proteins, Classification of proteins, Structure and Classification of amino acids, Amphoteric properties of amino acids, concept of Isoelectric pH Peptide Linkage, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary structure of proteins.

Enzymes: General Characteristics and classification of enzyme, Enzyme Kinetics.

Lipids: Introduction to Lipids, structure &  classification of fatty acids, nomenclature of fatty acids, Physical properties of fatty acids and triglycerides, Chemical Properties of fatty acids and triglycerides, Sterols and cholesterol, Prostaglandin and their physical role.

Environmental Pollutants: Impact on biological systems, Global Warming and Green House effect.


Suggested Readings:

  1. Nelson, D.L. and M.M. Cox. 2017. Principles of Biochemistry, 7th Edition, Worth Publishers.
  2. Boyer, R.F. 2014. Modern Experimental Biochemistry. 3rd The Benjamin / Cummings Publishing Co., USA
  3. Stryer, L. 2012. Biochemistry, 7th Edition, W. H. Freeman and Co. Lab Manual in Biochemistry, Immunology and Biotechnology, Arti Nigram, Archana Ayyagari. Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi.
  4. Murray, R., D. Bender,M. Botham, P.J. Kennelly,V. Rodwell and P.A. Weil. 2015. Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 30th edition. The McGraw-Hill companies Inc. USA. ISBN-10: 0071825347
  5. Voet, D. and J.G. Voet. 2010. Biochemistry 4th Edition John Wiley & Sons. USA. ISBN-10:0470917458
  6. Karp, G. 2015. Cell and molecular Biology, 8th edition, Wiley Publishers. ISBN-10:
Biochem-300, BS Botany, M/E-Winter 2023, Dr. Muhammad Ali
Sr. Ag No. Student’s Name Group Research article for presentation and 1 page summary
1 2019-ag-5831 ALIYA BATOOL G1 A patch of positively charged residues regulates the efficacy of clinical DR5 antibodies in solid tumors
4 2020-ag-9314 Muhammad Ahsan
5 2022-ag-5032 ROSHAAN NASIR
6 2022-ag-5033 SAIRA SAJJAD
7 2022-ag-5034 MUQADDAS
8 2022-ag-5035 AYESHA CHOUDHARY G2 Preclinical evaluation of a novel antibody-drug conjugate targeting DR5 for lymphoblastic leukemia therapy
9 2022-ag-5036 MARIYAM
10 2022-ag-5037 MEESHA ZAKA ULLAH
11 2022-ag-5038 NIDA AFNAN
12 2022-ag-5039 MALAIKA MAHMOOD
13 2022-ag-5040 SAIRA BANO
14 2022-ag-5041 ARMEEN FAIZA
15 2022-ag-5042 UMAR SHAHZAD  G3 A highly stable human single-domain antibody-drug conjugate exhibits superior penetration and treatment of solid tumors
16 2022-ag-5043 SEHRISH RUBAB
17 2022-ag-5044 NIDA ARSHAD
18 2022-ag-5045 INSAF HUSSAIN
19 2022-ag-5046 AYESHA AHMED
20 2022-ag-5047 JAVERIA ABDULLAH
22 2022-ag-5049 ZAINAB TARIQ G4 Eradication of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Targeting Glycosylated PD-L1
23 2022-ag-5050 HAFIZA FATIMA REHMAN
24 2022-ag-5051 AMINA FIRDOUS
25 2022-ag-5052 SABIHA YAQOOB
26 2022-ag-5053 AMINA MUSHTAQ
27 2022-ag-5054 FIZA ABID
28 2022-ag-5055 USMAN IQBAL
29 2022-ag-5056 RIDA FATIMA
30 2022-ag-5057 NOOR FATIMA G5 Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Systems for Targeted Inhibition of Notch Signaling in Cancer
31 2022-ag-5058 RAFIA FARRUKH
32 2022-ag-5059 MEMOONA ASMATULLAH
33 2022-ag-5060 FARWA SHAKEEL
34 2022-ag-5061 MUHAMMAD USAMA SABIR
35 2022-ag-5062 MARIAM NOOR
36 2022-ag-5063 AYEMA FATIMA
37 2022-ag-5064 HAFIZ ALI RAZA ARIF G6 L-Arginine Modulates T Cell Metabolism and Enhances Survival and Anti-tumor Activity
38 2022-ag-5065 TAHIRA SHAFQAT
39 2022-ag-5066 M TAYYAB AFZAL
40 2022-ag-5067 SANA ASHRAF
41 2022-ag-5068 SANIA NADEEM
42 2022-ag-5069 ARFA KHALIQ
43 2022-ag-5070 KAINAT RAFAQAT
44 2022-ag-5071 ATIKA MUKHTAR G7 BMP4 Upregulation Is Associated with Acquired Drug Resistance and Fatty Acid Metabolism in EGFR-Mutant Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cells
45 2022-ag-5072 WAJEEHA SADIQ
46 2022-ag-5073 REEHA TARIQ
47 2022-ag-5074 MUHAMMAD ALI RAZA
48 2022-ag-5075 KINZA BATOOL 
49 2022-ag-5076 AROOBA  AKHTAR
50 2022-ag-5077 SADIA KANWAL
51 2022-ag-5078 MANEEHA MEHBOOB G8 The topoisomerase inhibitor CPT-11 prevents the growth and metastasis of lung cancer cells in nude mice by inhibiting EGFR/ MAPK signaling pathway
52 2022-ag-5079 SADIA KOUSAR
53 2022-ag-5080 TEHREEM YOUNIS
54 2022-ag-5081 TANIA ISLAM SHAHID
55 2022-ag-5082 MEHAK RAMZAN
56 2022-ag-5083 EMAN FATIMA
57 2022-ag-5084 FATIMA MUSHTAQ
58 2022-ag-5085 MUNTAHA KANWAL G9 Identification of actionable targets for breast cancer intervention using a diversity outbred mouse model
59 2022-ag-5086 OSWAH ALI
60 2022-ag-5087 EMAN FATHIMA
61 2022-ag-5088 MAHIN NAVEED
62 2022-ag-5089 ZEENAT SHAFAQAT
63 2022-ag-5090 MAHAM AJMAL 
64 2022-ag-5091 NOUMAN SIDDIQUE
65 2022-ag-5092 ABIHA BABAR
66 2022-ag-5093 HIRA MUNAWAR  G10 ZNF451 favors triple-negative breast cancer progression by enhancing SLUG-mediated CCL5 transcriptional expression
67 2022-ag-5094 SIDRA NOOR
68 2022-ag-5095 HUMA LIAQAT
69 2022-ag-5096 AYESHA JHANGIR
70 2022-ag-5097 ALEESHA ASAD
71 2022-ag-5098 ABDUL REHMAN
72 2022-ag-5099 TEHREEM AKRAM
73 2022-ag-9317 Qudsiya abbas

General Biochemistry – Chapter 2: Water, the Solvent of Life (Link)

Chapter 10 – Lipids (Section 1) (Link)

Chapter 8 (Sections 1 & 2) – Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids (Link)

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